Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Keeping at it!!!

Somewhere at the beginning of this blog I started to try to find 100 things about myself somehow I just don't think that is working out but, I will keep trekking.

43 I love seafood Especially Lobster, and Shrimp.

44 I recently realise I am a drinker and I should see alcohol and leave it.

45 I am not as brave as I thought I was.

46 I love the rain.

47 I am very persistent.

48 I have no problem taking control of a situation.

49 But I am not a control freak.

50 My Favorite scents are Citrus and Vanilla.( not together)

I am really stretching it here to find 100 things maybe I don't know myself as well as i think but; I will keep at this even if it take me a year.

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