Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A bit of everything!!

After spending 7 1/2 hours on a plane, 5 hours in the airport, 3 hours transferring trains,and 30 on the bus I am finally back in the UK. I spent the last 4 weeks; 4 long long weeks home in Barbados, and by golly miss molly was it hot, most days were 32 degrees Celsius, you could have cooked and egg on the pavement. So no more complaining about the weather in the UK especially now it's Autumn and freezing I am not sure how and if I'll make it through the winter but I know now I prefer the cold weather than the hot hot weather in Barbados. I hope I can say that after Winter (laugh). But autumn I love how the color of the leaves change and trees that where completely covered in leaves are now almost naked and this morning I got up and around 6 am and pulled back the curtains and low and behold no sun it was pitch black outside it was a real shock!!!! I mean I know people say the days get shorter as the seasons changes but I was not looking for this; to go from having what it seems to never ending sunlight in summer to only sun from about 8am to about 4 pm is a real shock to the system especially to someone who has never experience this before, but I am looking forward to see what these next two seasons bring.

However I did manage to finish my mittens and work on a hat of my own design and a very fuzzy so fuzzy to the point you can't see the drop stitches I used to make it scarf but it's OK I know their are there. I was really hoping to knit at least one garment for the upcoming cold weather but I just can't seem to find a sweater pattern i think i can finish or one that will accentuate my voluptuous proportions. Any suggestions anyone??? Also I am going to be casting on a throw later today for my legs (cold) cause i don't have any socks long enough to warm them up I seriously need to get my cols weather wardrobe together apart from hat and scarves. But when i go shopping and i see the mass produced made knit wear ables i want to barf there is just no comparison between massed produced knit wear and hand made knit wear! and i make no apologies for saying that. I am sure all Knitters even the absolute novice like me think so as well.
But if i can't have my own knitted wear for this season I'll definitely have it for next season.

Many thanks to my new friend Lisa (who lived in the same country as me for all our lives but it took KH forum for us to meet), for my very first knitting book "Knitting Rules" by The Yarn Harlot Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee. I have read this book 3 things since it was gifted to me- my comments on it "very funny and inspirational a must have for every knitter". And by reading this book I am knitting my 1st sock with an acrylic dk yarn ( just in case i had to frogg) I though knitting sock was going to be sooooo difficult, but with a little (i said little but i mean a lot) of pushing from Lisa i casted on my sock. so far i have ribbed and done the st st and am about to do the heel. So as soon as this sock is completed I'll be going shopping for sock yarn, to make a wearable pair for my DH.

Here is a pic of my finished mittens and the hat and extra fuzzy but very soft and warm Scarf and a pic of the sock when i 1st started.

Ok I can't seem to upload any pics now so pics will come later Sorry.

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