Tuesday, February 24, 2009

S.E.X and Knitting go hand in hand!!!

Howdy partners!!!How are you doing? Just a quick post to say I have been knitting, I know like; WOW it is a blog about knitting after all. DUHHH :O)

But first let us talk about S.E.X (Stash enhancement expeditions) I have come to the conclusion that I really don't have enough of any one yarn in my stash to knit anything of substance, So I am trying to enhance my stash with sweater quantities of yarn so I can actually knit something other than hat or Mitts, so recently I bought 17 skeins of Patons Jet from a fabulous online sale on Kemp's 69 pence per ball not bad huh? This is destine to become something fabulous. The Alpaca Wool blend is really nice and soft and will make a really nice Knitted garment.
On to my most recent knit I think it is so adorable, I made this as a surprise for a friend who just had a beautiful baby girl. I really hope it fits, The pattern is the Seamless Kimono Sweater it was a lot easier than I thought after I finally figured out the body. I will definitely make this pattern again. Since it was for a baby I decided to use an acrylic yarn, Caron Simply Soft it was a bit splity but overall it was not the worst thing I ever knitted with, I also knitted a hat to match with a garter brim and matching flowers unfortunately no pic due to dropped camera :O( take a look at it let me know what you think.
I think it's so cute, make me feel very broody!! Maybe that will help me with my TTC. :O)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Perish the thought!!!!

I am totally floored, I can't believe that my blog has actually been nominated for an award and a creative one at that. I really am chuffed, to say the very least.

I was nominated by Carolyn. of Two Cables n' A Frapp and a Cable. Thank you!!!

Upon receiving the award, the rules state I have to nominate 8 bloggers of whom I think are Inspirational and Creative.

Here are the rules :

Copy the award to your site.

Link to the person from whom you received the award.

Nominate 8 other bloggers.

Link to those on your blog.

Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.

And the Nominees are:

Ruth Of Roo Knits Really Gorgeous FO's
Shameka Of Shameka Knits Beautiful Jewelry and FO's
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Vicki Of Monkeyfeet Gorgeous FO's and stunning Hand dyed yarns.........
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Jeanie of Absolute Jeanius Beautiful Yarns.....
Shandeh Of Shandeh's Knitting very inspiring in her selflessness towards others

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Uk Swap - Winter Warmer Package.

My package has arrived and I really love it. My Swap Pal Marianne has done a really good job. the package contained a pair of gorgeous Mittens (Rav link to pattern) and Manos del Uruguay 100% wool that will definitely become a hat. It also contained some hot chocolate, an organic chocolate bar a cute cupcake mug, an assortment of beautiful buttons and a garden in a bag for Chilli's.
I really need to take some photography classes all my pics suck big time.
Me modelling my new Mitts, very comfortable and warm. Well I am a happy Camper off to go do the dishes and wash my hair. Byeeee

Monday, February 02, 2009

Glorious day!!!!!!

I love snow I really do it could be because I am not accustom to it but I don't think so it's because it its just so beautiful, it cleans and brightens an otherwise dull place. Woke up this morning and found a blanket of snowy gorgeousness. Even as I sit her looking through the window it is really coming down, I am going to enjoy just sitting here in front of the fire with a nice mug of hot chocolate just watching it snow. Hope your day is as Good as mine.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Beauty amongst the beast!!!

A Beautiful sunset amidst all the cold dark and horrid weather.......................................

Unto knitting after all this is what this blog is suppose to be about. I have been knitting, I know nothing amazing but for me every time I pick up my pointy sticks is amazing. It means growth and hopefully improvement as a knitter.
I am really hoping that this year will be the year that I finally accomplish knitting actual garments, jumpers, cardigans, camisoles that sort of stuff. I know I have been saying it over and over again but I really want my fist project started in 2009 is the Cobblestone pullover by Jared Flood, I have found a bargain at £8 for a 1 kilo cone of a Wool Silk tweed blend which I think will be perfect for a first sweater I have been told by other the yarn really softens with washing so it should be ok.

Here is my first project for 2009 well technically I started it in December 08 but I finished it Jan 09 so it doesn't really count. :~D
Pinwheel Sweater
Wendy Fusion Yarn
US 10 Needle
A really nice knit, I really like the I-cord edging, which was a first for me. :~D However I did not follow the instructions for the sleeve. I found and alternative way on a blog which I just can't remember, but it was exactly like the instruction for the thumb of the Fetching Mitts from Knitty. I found this much much easier than the provisional cast on suggested by the pattern.
Easy Mary Janes Slippers
Tivoli Wool mix and Caron Charming
Us 8 Needle
I really love how these feel on the feet super super soft and warm on the toes. Really tempted to keep the for myself. I hope their fit. These hopefully should be on they way to New York for my Cousin Leisa. :~D