Monday, October 22, 2007

Brrrr,Grrrrrr and yummy.......

Brrrrrr.... Lord have mercy why didn't someone tell me it was going to get this cold........I know I said I would rather be cold that hot but I never said freezing I feel like a Popsicle and this is only Autumn. and what is making me very upset is that our central heating is on the fritz !!Darn it!! but the repair guy is coming tomorrow so all should be well again (yeah).

Grrrrrrr.... I am getting rather impatient as i have yet to receive my swap package or any correspondence about it I really hope she is ok as she has seemingly forgotten me. but I am being very optimistic and hoping it's because of the postal strike over the last couple of weeks.

Yummy..... I have recently purchase 9 count them 9 of 100% Uruguayan merino wool skeins for my stash (which by the way is empty right now) also in my purchases is 1 large umbrella swift and 1 small ball winder. I have received them as yet but I will post pics of what they should look like.
2 Skeins Lace in Colorways: lace blue
and 1 undyed lace skein
4 Skeins 3ply in colorway: Passion
and 2 undyed skeins
2 Skeins 1 Ply in colorway: Firebrick
Small Ball Winder

Large Umbrella Swift
I can't way until I receive them.

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