Thursday, October 18, 2007

As promised pictures!!!

OK so I finally got my pics uploaded Yeahhhhh!!!
This one is shot of the shaping on the top of the hat which I like so I took a pic of it so there!I guess I am like a mother to every mother their baby is beautiful and special, well to me my hat; yes including the shaping is beautiful and special too.

The finished hat fuzz and all.

Well I mean you can't have a hat with no scarf come on! It make look funny but trust me it feels like i am wearing a cloud around my neck so soft and warm uuummmm!!!

And these obviously are my finished mittens. I mean what else could they be?

And my first effort to knit a sock this was at the beginning, I know it's not much to look at now but Rome wasn't built in a day. More pics of sock to come later, I will keep you guessing for a little while whether or not I got through with the heel I'll give you a hint the answer starts with Y. (laugh)

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