Friday, February 15, 2008

Afghan KAL 1st Square

I have joined a KAL on KH, this is my fist KAL and I am very excited. The object is to create twelve 12 X12 squares over a 12 month period why so much time you may ask? but a month per square gives each person the opportunity the time necessary to complete each square without any pressure. Each month will be a different stitch pattern increasing in difficulty so at the end of the KAL each person knows how to knit something they didn't know how to knit before I think it will be good because if you are having problems with a particular stitch you have a support group to turn too. This is my first square a basic st st with a garter st border.I can't wait to see what next month's stitch is, I can't wait until we get to intarsia and lace and all the other good stuff.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Hi everyone
HAPPY VALINTINES DAY.I am proud to present "My Funny Valentine" my blogs first competition all in honor of LOVE. The winner will receive 2 sets of stitch markers 12 in total of course the theme being love these stitch markers will show that theme.

The rules are simple just post your answer to my question here on or before the 29th of febuary 2008. I will take all the name of those who participated into a hat I and the fist name pulled will be the winner!!!
So here is the question ?????

What is the most selfless or exuberant or craziest or most outreageous or silly or embarassing or unique thing you have ever done in the name of LOVE???

Please don't be shy get involve and post your answers I can't wait to read what you guys write I am sure your answers will be interesting.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Night From Hell!!!

Last night was the worst night I have ever had in my life. My family and I where at home hanging out and chatting you know just being a family.
Then it was like out of some movie or twilight zone or something, who knew that a baby having a little cold could turn into a night from HELL!!! my whole house broke out in chaos, my niece, Kayla's mother started shouting and screaming she's not breathing she can't breathe I am still at this point not quite sure I know what I did. I sprang from my chair and ran into the kitchen where everyone was now gathered bundle around little baby Kayla, lying in her mothers hand gasping for breathe and spitting from the mouth. I when completely white my heart stop beating my head started pounding as I hear my mum say so many time I didn't know my head from my tail, and everyone panicking and I am thinking oh my God she is going to die she is going to die. As I stood there scared out of my knickers my niece gave Kayla to me to hold so she could call the emergency services I stood there not knowing what to do I have never felt so desperate in my entire life.
Well after a little while the ambulance came and my mum and I stay at home while my sister and my niece went to the hospital with Kayla. A BIG mistake because we didn't sleep a wink my mum jut sat there and I tried to distract myself with yarn porn on Ravelry (that didn't help at all) after hours of what seemed like days Rashida (Kayla's mum) called with an update on my Kayla, and the news was great she told us that because Kayla had the cold and she is only a baby she was congested and that is why she couldn't breathe and was gasping for breathe e and the mucus was coming through her mouth. I felt as if I had just won the lottery of One Million Pounds. I never ever want to go through something like that again I have never felt so helpless in my life. But I am happy to say now Kayla is much much better now, but she still has the cold so chances of it happening again are possible but we will be on our guard and armed to handle it better this time. Thank you guys for listening and letting me cry on your shoulders. I am so tired now I am going to take a nap since I didn't get any last night.
See ya later!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kayla's Blanket

My lastest WIP Pinwheel Baby Blanket for my niece Kayla. The beginning was a little tuff but I found some very helpful tips on Ravelry which got me on my way. I am loving it so far it is knitting up pretty quickly considering I am a very slow knitter. And the pattern is very easy to remember so I don't have to walk around with a pattern it's all in my head. I will post more pics as it grows.
Stayed tune!
On another note I will be having a Valentine competiton here on my blog I will post the details on Valentine's day please feel free to enter or just post you comments.

Thats all for now I need to get back to my blanket it is very addictive this definitely will not be the last one I knit.