Thursday, August 16, 2007

My first monster pieces...

I believe that even Leonardo Da Vinci , Picasso,or Vincent Van Gogh had to have started they careers with a few paintings that only them could call master piece, so it's with that in mind I show you what I call my first master pieces:-here goes

One of my first objects was this bag it didn't start out as a bag it just started as me practising my garter stitch but I got bored and BO and decided to sew it up and add handles, at this point I didn't know anything about blocking or finishing.

Then came these objects my first hat and first attempt at ribbing.

Then followed by my first st st object I rather like this bag and believe it or not I couldn't even handle yarn efficiently as yet and I went and did this in raffia I would say I was quite brave.

I bought this denim jacket and decided I wanted to jazz it up so I bought some lion brand fun fur and decided to add this collar and cuffs. This was a bit difficult at first as I had never tried this fuzzy stuff before but in the end I think I ended up with a little doozy of a jacket.

This bag was my experiment with larger needles I think US size 15 I think .

Trying to step outside my comfort level with this seed stitch border and booties, these I gave as a gift to a friend and although they were not quite perfect she loved them.

This beanie style hat I did for my partner I was rather proud of this one I didn't even frog once yeah !!!!

This next project is a doozy my first time knitting in the round on dpns and to think I had been seaming all my other stuff someone should have told me about knitting in the round every since I loooove it. This hat was done in the colors of my National Flag.I may never wear it but I feel really good about myself for my first attempt. Bravo to me....

Those are all I have taken photos of so far but I will post the others soon.

Currently I have OTN a few scarves and The Inside Out Knit Chemo Cap I am really trying to finish before summer has ended because I really would like to start on my my very first cardigan or pullover and gloves.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Hey there! Welcome to blogland! I am very impressed with your FOs! The bajan hat is very cool - you can wear it in the winter lol! Your rafia bag is one of my faves too.

    Can't wait to see more FOs!


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