Thursday, August 23, 2007

Addi needles are the best!!!!!!!!!

I awoke this morning excited I was supposed to be receiving my shipment of Addi needles today my very first set of circular needles.
I ran down the stairs hoping beyond hope to see my package on the floor under the mail shoot, and there it was..... my package, I don't think I had been this excited about spending that much money in my life,,, is was a rush. I took my package up and tore into it like a madman. I couldn't wait to get started.

I have been hearing about them for so long and everyone was singing they praises, and I to have to say they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to begin knitting a garment with them so far it's only been swatches trying to get the feel for them. I am so very excited can wait.

Also as promise my finished
scarf and I have to say
it's very very warm.

And a gift I received from a friend and I intend to try to make the best of it all I'll even make him a gift from this stash. The funny thing is every time he comes over he always ask have you made anything from it yet? and I always reply i am saving them for something special. but that is not true it's just that I thought had left the world of synthetic fibers behind me and was moving on to better quality yarn but then I told my self,,,,,, self! when you had nothing else but A CRY LLICS that is what I knitted so why are you becoming so posh? Yes I gave myself a real wake up call. so this is my 1st WIP with my gift.
The inside out chemo hat from headhuggers.
But now it off to bed didn't realise how long I have been at the PC. Goodnight !!!!!!!!

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