Thursday, August 16, 2007

100 things about me !!!

1. I live in West Midlands UK and I'm a Female

2. I am married to the most wonderful person on this planet

3. I have knitting for about 7 months

4. My first project ever was a bag.

5. I love

6. I love making my own needles

7. My favorite yarn is ???? not sure yet

8. My fav needles are handmade but will be trying the addi turbos soon.

9. I am a English/thrower knitter (but will learn continental someday)

10. I have never knitted with circular ( i know it is sick )

11. I love music.

12. So far my favorite things to knit are hats .

13. Michael Jackson is my favorite singer.

14. I 2 projects on the needles.

15. The nanny is my favorite TV show.

16. I have black hair

17. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

18. I love to dance

19. Not really a animal person until I fell in love with this guy.

20. His name is whitey my niece named him lol

21. I crochet a little still in the learning process

22. I love knitting more

23. I love the beach

24. I love to cook

25. I prefer baths over showers

26. I love shoes my partner thinks I have to many ...can you really

27. I am a neat freak.

28. I hate it when my fingers are cold

29. I wear glasses to read

30. At present I knit only on straights.

31. I love cheese

32. I love Italian food

33. I love to read .....curled up in the window seat just when the sun is setting

Ok ok so maybe I can't find 100 things right now but I will over time so stay tuned.

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