Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday Inspiration #3- Warming your feet

What is your favorite way of keeping your feet warm?
Entwined with Mr Frosty's warm legs. But knitting wise slippers or socks although I have no knitted sock as yet.

Do you have a favorite pair of socks you reach for to keep your toes toasty?

Yes I have a pair of super thick orange socks (Orange ekkkk sentimental value) that I am practically wearing almost everyday to sleep.

Is there a pair of socks/slippers you have been wanting to make for ages but haven't got around to?
Neither socks/slippers But these Bulky Cabled Legwarmers done with super bulky with cables I think these are really wicked. I know they are not for the foot but close enough. Or these babies Prairie Boots they are really cute.

What is your favorite finished object that warms your feet?
Knitted Moccasin SlippersWhat is your favorite yarn to use for socks/slippers?
I don't have a favorite at the moment but I could imagine some Slippers made from super soft Alpaca Like DROPS Silke Alpaca or Mirasol Miski yum yum

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