Friday, February 15, 2008

Afghan KAL 1st Square

I have joined a KAL on KH, this is my fist KAL and I am very excited. The object is to create twelve 12 X12 squares over a 12 month period why so much time you may ask? but a month per square gives each person the opportunity the time necessary to complete each square without any pressure. Each month will be a different stitch pattern increasing in difficulty so at the end of the KAL each person knows how to knit something they didn't know how to knit before I think it will be good because if you are having problems with a particular stitch you have a support group to turn too. This is my first square a basic st st with a garter st border.I can't wait to see what next month's stitch is, I can't wait until we get to intarsia and lace and all the other good stuff.


  1. A square a month, sounds like my kind of KAL. I love the color you've chosen also.

  2. That blanket look great

  3. Looks good! I just found the KAL on ravelry, courtesy you, and joined and can't wait to start mine. How did you pick your yarn & color?

    BetsyInSD on knittinghelp
    HobbyCollector on ravelry


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