Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March Square (Entrelac)

Hi everyone a very pleasant good afternoon, how is everyone doing? This past few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions for it started out exciting then I was pensive then sad then angry with myself. Why you may ask? and I will tell you no one absolutely no one entered my blog competition, I know from comments that maybe about 4 or 5 persons read my blog so I at least thought you faithful few would have wanted my beautiful stitch markers, but I am guessing everyone was so busy with they busy lives that no one got a chance to read my post about the competition. I am thinking that maybe I should have done a poll about how many persons would have been interested in doing the competition but; I am not going to let one failed attempt get me down I have dusted off my butt after falling on it and I am moving on. Forward march!!

Moving on. I was just over on KH and read a post that made my day someone posted that she enjoyed my blog (huge grin on my face) can you beleive it? Someone likes my ramblings (Yeah).

This is the month of March and I have been eagerly awaiting the March square from the afghan Kal I am doing on KH and to my surprise this month's stitch is Entrelac ? I didn't have a clue what it was so I had to do some research. It is a beautiful design and I am feeling quite overwhelmed at it but I am ready for a challenge no more just sitting around and knitting st st and garter st I am going forth trying new and different things even if I frog a few times. I have found a tutorials online which has made it seem not as difficult as I first thought. Here are the links if anyone plans on giving it a try.Yarn Path and Knitty Otter they are others but these are the ones I am using. for more information you can check out the forum over on KH. I am using this pattern from

This is how far I have gotten after a few minutes of casting on, but I am stuck here because I need to change colors but this pattern does not say when to change colors, so if anyone help let me know.Here is a pic of where I am finish the base triangles an getting ready to move onto the 2 row of the pattern.

BAse triangles

Have a great day Knitsibs.

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