Sunday, January 13, 2008

A new Hobby!

A few months ago because of a Swap on KH I decided to try my hand at making stitch makers I didn't have clue where to start or what I would need so I searched the Internet came up with some sites to purchase the materials needed and off I went. These first ones are made from dragon beads I ordered from eBay.
I have been in another swap since then and also made some for that lady well and to my surprise both person loved them, unfortunately I don't have pics of the finished ones"shucks"but I do have a few pics of some I have started not quite finish. I also recently found a place here in Barbados that has some of the most beautiful beads I have ever seen in my life made from shells and coral found here on the island and I will be making some markers with them later so I will post those as well so you can see the beauty of my Island. But do I really need so many stitch makers who knows but only time will tell. But I will continue making them because they are so pretty and fun to make. I am going to be taking a jewelry making class because I like working with the beads but I would really like to make my stitch markers look very professional, so when I give them gifts they are well received.
So pretty soon I will have more stitch Markers than the Yarn Harlot has yarn (ROFL).


  1. ohh those are pretty! Your doing a great job on them!! : )

    (dustinac from KH)

  2. Alicia! Those are so pretty! I can't wait to see the beads you find locally, I am not surprised that there in Barbados they would have beautiful shell and coral beads :)

    I sent you a PM on ravelry! Hope to hear from you soon


  3. These are adorable. Love, love, love them!

  4. Thank you guys so much I am hoping they will get better as I get more confident.


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