Thursday, January 24, 2008

BAsic HAt PAttern #2

This is a variation from the one I posted a few days ago with minor changes. Instead of a rolled brim I did a 2x2 ribbing and did smaller stripes wanted to try stranding but I don't know how to do that as yet hopefully learn soon. I did not knit these hat in the round because I don't have the appropriate needles but I am guessing it could be done in the round. Here goes:
Ribbed Brim Stripe Hat
Yarn: Dk
Needle US#8
Gauge:4 sts=1' in st st (2 Strands held together)

Cast On 52 sts
Knit in 2X2 ribbing for 1"
Change to 2nd color and increase 4 sts on the next row RS and working in st st for 2 rows then change back to main color for 4 rows change to 2nd color for anothe r2 rows then continue in main color until piece measures 5.5" from cast on
K2tog every 3 sts repeat for entire row
Next Row Purl
k2tog every other st repeat for entire row
Next row Purl
K2tog repeat for entire row
Cut yarn leaving enough to seam up thread yarn through yarn needle and run through remaining sts pull tight and seam up. Create pom pom and attach.

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