Sunday, November 18, 2007

White Autumn

I bolted out of bed about 2 minutes ago when my hubby said to me Boo it's snowing I said why don't you stop pulling my leg it's not snowing it's not winter yet. So he decided to pull the drapes back and holy cow it was snowing. Snow I couldn't believe it guess you can tell by this reaction that I have never seen it before and you would be right. we don't get snow in the tropics.
If any of you reading this post have children compare my fist reaction to you taking your children to a candy or toy store for the first time- yeah that bad. Be right back going outside to see it first hand.

10 minutes pasted!!!

OK that was awesome cold but awesome!!!!!
Well I am going to curl up here in my window and just enjoy this beautiful thing.



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  1. Oooh girl! Wish I was there to enjoy it with you! Wait a minute... I'm having flash backs to nearly freezing in Canada back in February...wind chill -30. Ummm....yah, you enjoy it for the both of us y'hear? LOL!

    Btw - you look "cool" posing there! Pun intended!


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