Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Something from nothing!

After my behaviour in my previous post I didn't expect to be back here so soon but god id good. I was searching through my closet and found some very small pieces of yarn that had been left over from something else. The colors not so sure how their would look together and maybe no one except me would put together but desperate times calls for desperate measures. So I took up my needles and cast on. I casted on 100 sts and just started knitting in the round I did not have clue was I was knitting but I just knew I was knitting and it felt great!.
Being as it was small amounts of each I decided to switch yarns and try to create some sort of harmony with the colors. At this stage I am knitting away and still don't know what it would be if anything at all.
Sometime during the day I had to go to the market. It was really cold so decided to layer up really good but somehow in the process of ensuring my body was not cold I forgot about my head my head was freezing but what could I do I was already in the market so i told myself as soon as i got home i would try to find a nice hat pattern for myself that maybe I could use my scrap yarn for. So I came home and went straight onto the computer and started looking for hat patterns I didn't see anything that would work so I decided to Google head warmers and up came this "snood" was not sure what it was until I saw a picture I was over the moon it was just a tube that acted like a hood and scarf in one and all I had to do was continue adding length to my piece and voila I would have a cover for my head.

So I proved to myself that even when i am down God is always up yo something and thought the colors may not look so hot together as least my head will be warm!

Here's some pics at different intervals in the journey of the SNOOD.

It will be finish by tonite so I'll get to post a FO pic and me wearing it.


  1. yay! i like the SNOOD so far ;) I hope the 100purwool gets to you soon :hugs: i know what it's like to be want to create and have no outlet or means to do so


  2. Thank you very much Jeanius. And yes my purewool did reach yeah!!!


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