Thursday, October 30, 2008

House to Home!!!

Hi everyone how are you doing? How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Well as usual it's freezing here, I have had to stop wearing light cardigans or jacket when I go out and had to pull out the Winter coats and tights and boots. Gloves and all I probably look like and Eskimo but I don't care at least I am warm.

We are moving house so not much knitting being done. I am up to my elbow in paint and cleaning. It's like transforming a Caterpillar into a Butterfly. But I like it I get to put my own niche on it.
Although I have not been knitting much I have manage to cast on Mathew's Balaclava, and am really hoping to cast on the Calorimetry and the Cobblestone Pullover soon.

I have decided to destash all the Lace yarn in my stash as I have discovered after a nasty incident with a skein of Lace alpaca that lace weight yarns and I are not friends, so as much as I love looking at lace I will have to find a heavier yarn to knit it with.

Well that's it for now but I hope next post to have loads of photos of finished projects or at least started. Take care and God bless.xxxxxx

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