Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christmas Knitting

Hi all How's everyone doing?

How is your Christmas knitting going? I need to get mine on track, I have maybe 5-6 persons to knit gifts for, so I need to get cracking. I have been busy with decorating our new flat, loads of painting to be done so not much knitting. I am hoping that after the move I will get to snuggle up and knit, knit like the wind. I do however have a few more FO'S to show.

Pattern: Thorpe #2 (no ear flaps)
Yarn: Wendy Fusion
Needle: US #8
Cast on: Oct 8th 2008
Bind Off: Oct 11th 2008

This is my second Thorpe, but I have left the ear flaps off this one but I really love how it has come out and the color is so yummy it will make a great gift.

Next is a pretty little scarf to match the Thorpe.

Pattern: Bow Tie Scarf
Yarn: Wendy Fusion
Needle: US #7
Cast on: Oct 11th 2008
Bind Off: Oct 17th 2008

Very cute pattern and a very quick knit although that is not apparent from my dates but I finish 95% of the scarf in a few hours but then life happened so only manage to finish it last night. I love it, another great gift I think.

A few dishcloths for the kitchen.

Pattern: Knitted Dish Cloths
Yarn: Sugar n cream (Stripes & Solid)
Needle: US #10
Cast on: Oct 5th 2008
Bind Off: Oct 6th 2008

Very easy and quick basic knit.

And last but not least a Blanket charity.


  1. Ooh so pretty! I love the colour of the hat and scarf ^_^

  2. I like everything but, Oh ! That scarf and hat are pretty !


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