Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hanging in there!

Now where has the time gone?? It's September 22nd already almost a whole year has gone by and am I the only one who thought it when by so fast????

I am now 99.9% recovered from my OP and now recovering a very bad sprained Ankle I fell down the stairs 2 weeks ago while out shopping for a rug, it was very embarrassing and very painful, but the most shocking part of it was they where a few ladies in the shop and after I fell on of them called the shop assistant aside and ask him "are you going be ok" I was in so much pain but I was fuming mad here I was on the floor crying like a child with my poor DH not knowing if he should call an ambulance or just lift me and take me to hospital and she is asking him if he will be ok?? I translated that to mean do you think they will want to sue? How dear she? Anyway I had my first Physical therapy yesterday and the Dr. says it's healing nicely so in about 6-8 wks it should be 100%

I really have no good pics to post because I still have no camera but I did take these pics with a horrid mobile Camera so forgive me. These are a few items I knitted for a friend she wanted gifts for fellow workmates. Since I did these I have not done any knitting I just don't seem to have that drive at all I take up my Shetland triangle every few days and end up putting it back in the basket it's very frustrating, but I am hoping that I will get that buzz back soon because It's getting cold and I need a nice Cardigan and refuse to buy one from the shops because I know I can make a much nicer on for myself. :)
Firstly a shawl it's the same pattern as a shawl I made before Wings

This little hat is a baby size Thorpe I think it's so cute

Also a simple Garter brim hat with a button for embellishment.

Pebble this pattern gets it similar design from Jared's Cobblestone Pullover it is super cute :O) Also made a little hat to match.

Speedy Cabled Cowl quick and easy finished in a few hours.

And lastly Lace brim hat I really love this hat the lace edge gives it a real feminine touch. I probably will make on for myself.

It would seem Christmas has already began here I have seen decorations up and Trees all dress up it's amazing how totally different the cultures of the UK and the Caribbean are back home we don't really start to do the Christmas thing until after our Independence on November 30th, although there are the odd few that would be wanting to but I guess out of respect they don't. I am looking forward to Christmas this year last year we had just moved into the flat and it was a mess we where up to our elbow in paint and cleaning so we spent the day on the living room floor watching TV and eating PIB but this year should be nice my Niece is coming to visit with us and she is bringing Kayla who I have not seen in over a year I can't wait. I have warned her that it may not be the best time to come to the UK but she has her mind made up so she'll have to learn for herself. That should be fun.

Yesterday was the official start of Autumn and if the temperatures are anything to go by Winter is going to be freezing, I am in bed under the Duvet trying to stay warm not wanting to put central heating on (credit crunch) but even in spite of trying to conserve energy the day is so grey and uninviting I just don''t feel like doing anything I got up this morning went to town went to the supermarket did the shopping came back had breakfast and jumped right back into bed, later I will go into the kitchen and make a rich and creamy split pea soup for Supper that should warm me up :)

Well enough of my rambles I am off to think about knitting and hopefully I will get some done today ...Bye

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  1. Hi! I have just found your blog! Your work is very impressive! Sorry to hear about your accident.
    Christmas is really around the corner and we all have lots of work to be done but luckily here in Italy the weather is still nice. I guess we're lucky!


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