Friday, June 05, 2009


Today is my birthday yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh I love birthdays, especially mine, I don't like getting older I just love getting gifts and treats. I received breakfast in bed this morning I love being pampered.

This post is all about me showing you the lovely birthday treats that I have received so far this morning.

First up my friend Rosemary a super duper package filled with loads of goodies.

Beautiful fibre for spinning, Alpaca yarn, from Uk Alpaca Silk from Fyberspates, Opal Sock yarn and loads of little trinkets like cable needles scissors with a beautiful beaded accessory attached to the handle, Shell stitch makers, and pretty row counter bracket, a beautiful yarn cutter pendant, lavender sachets and soap and bath salts, a funky measuring tape A spinning Book and fabulous knitting Mags. Phew. I feel completely spoiled.

I have also received from my Friend Yolande Some Regia Sock yarn and a gift card to spend at my leisure. Yeah me :O)

And lastly but most special my baby Mr Frostyknit made me a handmade Niddy noddy and a handmade swift Pics to come later the glue has not even dried as yet. Also some beautiful flowers, gorgeous perfume in a very pretty old fashion bottle, wine and loads of hugs and cuddles what more can a girl ask for. As I am her writing this post he is making me lunch, isn't he sweet? Tonight he is taking me out for dinner and we are going to he movies .

I hope everyone is having as fabulous a day as I am.



  1. Many happy returns - sounds like a fabulous day. Can't wait to see photos of the swift and niddy noddy.

  2. I'd say you won the lottery or grand prize, etc. with all your birthday goodies. I especially like Opal sock yarn. Happy Belated Birthday.

  3. I a bit late to the party. What fabulous gifts!!! Happy Belated Birthday♥


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