Friday, May 29, 2009

You spin me !!!

So what have I been up too??? Well I'll tell you, I have been learning to spin on a Drop spindle I have to say it is very very addictive. It take lots of practice but I think it will be worth it in the end. I have manage to spin a very small am out of yarn so far and that's not because it's a slow process it's just that I have so many WIPS I have not been able to spend a lot of time spinning.

The only thing I would say is that if you spin from non commercial fibre be prepared for the smell of sheep, but the are so many commercially prepared fibre out they that they is no need to to have that experience. I was given some almost raw fleece so I had the experience, so I now know I don't like that odour so when I buy fibre I will buy commercially prepared.

I am hoping very soon to try spinning an a Wheel, I am very excited at the prospect. I hope to eventually get a wheel of my own, a friend of mine has an Ashford Traveller for sale and I am hoping that if I pool all my birthday money together I might be able to get it.

Here is my First attempt at spinning it's undyed as it's only about 35 yrds, I already have my second attempt on the spindle, I feel a bit more confident now so I will try and spin more fibre so I can have more yarn to play with.The fist pic is the yarn on the spindle and the 2nd is after I have set the twist of the yarn so it wouldn't kink up on itself.


  1. Excellent first spinning - mine was nowhere near as good as that - I'm sure you will enjoy your new wheel.

  2. I may be commenting twice. Not sure where the first one went but the internet went down in the process.

    Anyway, it takes talent to spin with a drop spindle. Congrats.

    The Ashford Traveller is a great wheel. I found my Lendrum on Craig's List and love it. I got a really good bargain for a wheel in perfect condition.

  3. Uh Oh ! Now you're spinning ! This is another hobby I'm trying not to start. It looks like such fun though ! Great job and I really like that yarn.


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