Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Isn't the library great?

I recently joined the Library, There is nothing fantastic about that but what I find fantastic is the selection. I come from a country where you go to the library and most of the time I may find one or 2 books on knitting and the ones I did find where vintage to put it nicely. So here I am now in the UK and am blown away by the one(1) the number of books on knitting and two (2)the amount of books I can take from the library at one time twenty(20) also the fact that I can reserve books that may not even be at my branch and have them delivered there for pick up I find that really convenient.
So hats off to the library; because come on it's not every book we may want to buy sometimes they just one pattern that you may want from a book and I for one will not buy a book just for one pattern call me frugal I don't care.
I prefer to go to the library look at it and if it has loads that I may want to knit then yes I'll buy it but if not I can take it home or chose to leave it there.

Here is a few of the ones I recently got, and these where books I had wanted to check out for sometime now, not that I may ever knit anything from them but at least I have the opportunity to read, gaze and decide if anything in the books would be right for me.

And I have few on reserve to collect this week. As the British would say I am well chuffed!!!!

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