Friday, September 17, 2010


So it's 99 days before Christmas so I decided that since I will be starting my new job in a week or so I better get started before I have no time to knit. Lucky for me I only have 3 persons to knit for this year as I plan to make my other gifts using another form of crafting for everyone else.

But enough about Christmas, I really just wanted to show you guys the hat I made for DH, he's been pestering my forever for a hat with a brim so I did this one on Ravelry with a KAL on the Knitting for Boys group. It done in a lovely Tweed Yarn in bottle green. Accented with a rather nice leather button, which I must admit has grown on me since DH choose the button not even knowing what it was going on.

Project info
Pattern: Salute Hat by Kate Oates
Needle: US 6 - 4.0 mm
Yarn: Forsell Touch of Silk Cone Aran

Doing this as a part of a KAL, on the knitting for boys group. Pattern given in clues spaced over a few days the 1st clue: Was knitting the Front band, with button holes 3sts each. Never done button holes before so found this quite interesting found this video very helpful.
2nd clue: Knitting the back band and slipping 1st st on purl row to prevent excessive rolling.
3rd clue: Decreasing I used sm to avoid counting.
4th Clue The brim and inserting the Plastic brim. Which did involve Wrap and turn which did take me a few minutes to get my head around but did it and feel quite chuffed. I used the cover of a plastic container for brim filling. This is the video I used for the W&T in 2 parts Here and Here

I really am quite pleased with how it came out I hope DH likes it. If he doesn't I'll wear it.


  1. It's looks great! Thanks for the links to the videos. I will bookmark them.

  2. You go girl! that looks great♥ Great notes. Are there really only 99 days.. yikes... well now there are 98 I guess♥

  3. Thanks Joansie and Cici, those videos really helped me a lot.

  4. A VERY pretty hat.....Thank you for your sweet comment on my Shaplie files....I do offer them as a collection on my ETSY store........


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