Tuesday, January 05, 2010

No knitting..... but I just love it!!!!!!!!!

I got out of bed this morning and the first thing I did was go to the window and I do this every morning during Winter like a child expecting Santa to come down the Chimney. Being born in the Caribbean we have 2 seasons Sun and rain and it has always amazed me at the four seasons that happen in other countries. But what amazes me the most is the season that tugs at my heart strings most of all.

Is it Spring when everything that was asleep and hidden beneathe the ice stretches it's limbs for the 1st time in months, a by what seems like magic just burst to life. Flowers, birds trees all life sings a new song breathing a sweet breathe of sweet air filled the scents of Bluebells and honeysuckles. no it's not spring.

It's not summer although I must admit I do love a good Bar-b-q and having the sun in the sky till 9pm :)when growing my own veg is not just a mare dream but an actual reality when I can go for long walks in the park feel the warm rays on my face and only have to wear the bare minimum of clothing, no not Summer.

It's Winter, when all seems dead and grey, the days are short and the nights are longer, you leave home to go to work it's dark and when you return home again it's still dark. Nothing seems to grow and life almost for a moment seems to stand still; frozen in time. But amidst all the dark and grey days are the moments that follow a Snow fall when the landscape is completely blanketed by these white diamonds and everything looks beautiful now dressed in it's Wintry robes, it brings out the child in us I suppose, sledging, building snowmen, throwing snowballs, I absolutely love it, as a child growing up in the sunny Caribbean I would watch the Christmas TV shows and wished for snow and hoped that I would someday get the chance to experience it. I know to those who have been living with it for all they life it is nothing special and to some it may even be a bother, a pest. but to me I think it's one the amazing things that God created.
Dressed to impress

covered in a blanket
everthing just looks so clean and bright

Picture post card

This post had absolutely nothing to do with knitting. And I didn't meant to try to sound poetic I just feel like I needed to rant on my love of Winter!!!


  1. I love snow, as long as I can sit at home and watch it out my window.

  2. You know what? Snowfall like this makes everyone poetic. I love the fine, white shell that covers everything. And the silence....... like wrapped in cotton. nice pictures.


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