Thursday, March 12, 2009

A sudden yearning to knit Lace,

What's up with that??? All of a sudden I have gone batty to knit a lace shawl I have queued over 10 of them in my Ravelry, and really hoping to get stuck in pretty soon. But obviously for my own sanity, and so I will not end up pulling all my hair out I will be knitting in a Fingering weight yarn or Sports weight. My last experience with lace weight yarn left me seriously traumatized and I am not about to go through that again.

I have decided to start my journey of Lace knitting by starting with something easier so I have casted on Ribbed Lace Bolero in Rowan Cotton Tape, it will may a great little summer number to cover that part of my arm I loathe, so at least I still get to wear my tank tops without feeling exposed. Also I have casted on Branching out scarf in Regia crazy color a rather unusual yarn choice (color I mean) it's very vibrant to put it nicely but I am only looking to get practice for the big boys. On my list to knit are
Blue jeans lace leaf shawl
Shetland Triangle
Diamond Fantasy Shawl
Maya Shawl
Tudor Grace (Scarf)
To name a few these are probably the more beginner lace projects that I have chosen, but you first learn to crawl before you walk.

As for yarn choices I am not really concentrating on anything to expensive, I am hoping that maybe I can use some of the sock yarn I have in my stash for these shawls but because these call for a lot of yarn I may have to find alternatives like Knit picks which would be within my budget. :O) Well I hope you are having a good night my bed is calling out to me to come join it so it's off to dreamland for me. Bye :O)

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  1. Oh Alicia, I'm right with ya. I too have not done too many lace projects. You have chosen the perfect projects also. They are lace but not too lacy. Very smart. I may try a couple of those myself.
    Also, thank you for such sweet and kind comments on my latest post. I really appreciate and needed that !!!


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